Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a world class program that provides value added training and professional development for individuals at the University of Alberta and other post secondary institutions, who are planning careers in land reclamation. The program will meet the needs of scholars, practitioners, industry, consultants and regulators, reflect the diversity of areas of study that compose land reclamation, and expand the understanding of the depth and breadth of land reclamation.

The Land Reclamation International Graduate School aims to:

  • Provide value added training opportunities for members to enhance their depth and breadth of knowledge of land reclamation.
  • Provide members with access to, and interaction with, leading scientists and industry and regulatory personnel.
  • Facilitate the transfer of land reclamation research results to industry, regulatory agencies, stakeholders, the general public and the greater scientific community.
  • Provide members with the professional skills required to succeed in a dynamic work environment.
  • Enhance member mobility and broaden their experiences for local, national and international careers in land reclamation.