University of Alberta Alumni Honour Award to Dr M Anne Naeth

Congratulations to Dr M Anne Naeth on recently receiving the University of Alberta Alumni Honour Award. Dr Naeth is the Director of Land Reclamation International Graduate School (LRIGS) and the Director of Future Energy Systems.
For over four decades, Dr Naeth has followed her fascination with nature to become a groundbreaking researcher, inspirational teacher, wise counsel to government and industry, and global leader in land reclamation. She influenced tangible changes, including Parks Canada’s use of native plant species for restoration, and industry’s shift from burning woody debris to using it for land reclamation. Dr Naeth developed a soil taxonomy order, anthroposols, for human-made soils. Her curriculum’s emphasis on real-world challenges prepares graduates to address issues like land degradation, climate change and food security. Today, Dr Naeth is Director of the University of Alberta’s Future Energy Systems research program, its Energy Systems signature area and the Land Reclamation International Graduate School, all of which flourish under her considerable leadership ability and desire to change the world.
M Anne Naeth, ’76 BSc, ’85 MSc, ’88 PhD