Program Participants

Participants in the Land Reclamation International Graduate School are enrolled in academic programs or employed as post doctoral fellows in one of the faculties and departments across the University of Alberta campuses, or external post-secondary institutions. Participants have diverse backgrounds and experiences in biological, physical and chemical sciences; engineering; social sciences and the humanities. They are all enthusiastic about land reclamation whether studying, researching and/or planning a future career in this dynamic field.

Laura Alejandra Manchola-Rojas, MSc Student
Coarse woody debris effects on soil nutrients and microbial communities
Muhammad Arslan, Post Doctoral Fellow
Flow-through reactor study investigating adsorption capacity of different materials exposed to oil sands process water
Elliot Boe, BSc Student
Environmental and conservation sciences
Heidi Cossey, PhD Student
Long-term behaviour and viability of end pit lakes for oil sands tailings reclamation
Erin Daly, PhD Student
Assessment of perennial cereals in central Alberta: productivity and environmental performance
Carla Germani, MSc Student
Evaluation of different sequential extraction methods to determine fractionation of trace elements in different soils
Huile Gu, MSc Student
Cadmium stability in spent biochar in electrolyte solutions and soils
Julia Hollingsworth, MSc Student
Can sheep grazing be used as a silvicultural treatment? Evaluating efficacy from a light competition perspective
Stephanie Ibsen, PhD Student
Reclamation progress and ecosystem health of disturbed mine sites using invertebrates as bio-indicators
Kiah Liecht, MSc Student
Modelling of Nitrogen fertilizer use efficiency for different fertilizer formulations and rates
Skylar Lipman, MSc Student
Community capacity to define 'equivalent land capability' in oil sands reclamation
Christopher Nzediegwu, Post Doctoral Fellow
Soil remediation and water treatment using novel bio- and hydrochars
Beckett Stark, MSc Student
Efficacy of mitigative measures to protect rare plant populations during pipeline construction
Jingyu Zhang, MSc Student
The long-term effects of fertilizers and the crop rotation on soil health in Alberta
Yihan Zhao, PhD Student
Potential of mineral source derived material as amendments in coal mine sites
Jenna Werner (Abou Rizk), MSc
Potential anthroposol development using phosphogypsum as a substrate with soil and organic amendments
Reporting Coordinator, Vertex Resources Group
Jaime Aguilar, MSc
Urban naturalization for green spaces in the City of Edmonton, Alberta
Agronomist, Ecocert Group
Regulatory Compliance Specialist, Chaotic Green
Lynnette Allemand, BSc
Biopolymer-assisted consolidation of oil sands tailings
Terrestrial Ecologist, RC BioSolutions
Iraleigh Anderson, BSc
Assisting with various reclamation projects involving pipelines, phosphogypsum, diamond mines and other disturbances
Vegetation Ecologist, Masse Environmental
Muhammad Arshad, Post Doctoral Fellow
Development of biopolymers for de-watering and consolidation of oil sands tailings
Research Associate, Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sci - Ag, Food & Nutri Sci Dept
Alison Bijman, MSc
Effects of biochar, fertilizer and deadwood shelter treatments on establishment of herbaceous vegetation during coal mine reclamation
Laura Bony, MSc Student
Impacts of salt affected soil on plant communities and development of scientifically based criteria for reclamation
Brett Campbell, MSc
Aggregate resource extraction: examining environmental impacts on optimal extraction and reclamation strategies
Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator, Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute
Connor Charchuk, BSc
Monitoring bird use of reclaimed wellpad sites at different vegetation recovery stages
Terrestrial Biologist, Golder
Karen Christensen-Dalsgaard, MSc
Bioremediation of cyanobacteria blooms through food-web manipulation
Assistant Professor, MacEwan University
Victoria Collins, PhD
Anaerobic biodegradation of hydrocarbons under nitrogen depleted conditions
Research Scientist- Microbiology Specialist, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Sebastian Dietrich, PhD
Characterization of soil spatial heterogeneity and improvement of capping materials for oil sands mine reclamation
Reclamation Coordinator, Canadian Natural Resources Limited
Elizabeth Domreis, MSc
Pathways of methanogenic hydrocarbon degradation in oil sands tailings basins
Mark Donner, MSc
Assessment of arsenic and selenium in ground and surface water of the Lower Athabasca River Watershed
Manager Environmental Remediation & Restoration, Alberta Innovates
Sarah Ficko, PhD
Shrub and lichen revegetation for diamond mine reclamation
Sylyanne Foo, BSc
Investigating the root architecture of trees in response to soil characteristics
MSc Student, Physiotherapy, University of Alberta
Physiotherapy Assistant, Pivotal Physiotherapy and Pursuit of Motion Physiotherapy
Matthew Gelderman, MSc
The regeneration niche of whitebark pine: key to restoring a species
Forest Health Technician, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
Jocelyn Gregoire, MSc
Upland songbird response to recovering seismic lines and how the spatial scale of analysis affects the interpretation of results
Wildlife Habitat Biologist, Environment and Climate Change Canada
Peining Guan, BSc
Examining the spatial pattern of soil properties created by land reclamation at an oil sands mining site
Junior Environmental Scientist, Toronto Inspection Ltd.
Stephanie Ibsen, MSc
Effects of long term nitrogen and sulfur depositions on soil properties and microbial communities in the Athabasca oil sands
PhD Student, Land Reclamation, University of Alberta
Zhichao Jiao, MSc
Effects of micro sites and amendments on near surface soil temperature and volumetric water content to enhance revegetation
PhD Student, Department of Integrative Biology, University of Guelph
Kangho Jung, Post Doctoral Fellow
Effects of textural interfaces on soil physico-chemical properties in reclaimed jack pine and white spruce stands
National Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Rural Development Administration, South Korea
Jeff Kelly, Post Doctoral Fellow
Development of high quality seedling stock for reclamation and restoration
Forest Ecologist/Forest Manager, University of Washington
Jinhyeob Kwak, Post Doctoral Fellow
Effects of nitrogen and sulfur depositions on soil properties, tree growth and chemical properties, and understory species diversity
Assistant Professor, Chonbuk National University
Jasmine Lamarre, MSc
Tundra bryophyte revegetation: novel methods for revegetating northern ecosystems
Vegetation and Wetland Ecologist, Paragon Soil and Environmental Consulting Inc.
Xueyang Liu, BSc
Effects of elevated levels of nitrogen and sulfur deposition on soil acidification and decline in tree growth and understory species
Kangyi Lou, MSc
Adsorption of phosphate and copper by pine sawdust biochars and economic analysis
Senior Administration and Business Development Officer, Nelson Environmental Remediation Ltd.
Caitlin Low, MSc
Impacts of a pipeline right of way on Halimolobos virgata (slender mouse ear cress), dry mixedgrass prairie uplands, and wetlands
Environmental Specialist, Kinder Morgan Canada
Bin Ma, Post Doctoral Fellow
Rhizosphere microbial community response to salt migration and capping strategies in oil sands reclamation
Valerie Miller, PhD
Development of anthroposols for diamond mine reclamation
Engagement and Outreach Coordinator, Future Energy Systems
Engagement and Outreach Coordinator, Land Reclamation International Graduate School
Kate Melnik, MSc
The role of microtopography in the expression of soil propagule banks on reclamation sites
Senior Fire Technician and Data Analyst, Scion
Federico Mollard, Post Doctoral Fellow
Plant community regeneration through seeds
Adjunct Research Scientist, CONICET
Gillian Mullan-Boudreau, MSc
Moss and peat as monitors of contemporary and past rates of atmospheric dust deposition in the Athabasca Bituminous Sands Region
Operations Manager and Field Team Lead, Heliolytics
Alison Murata, PhD
Assessment and remediation of soils and ground water contaminated with chlorinated organic compounds and salts
Soil Specialist, Paragon Soil and Environmental Consulting Inc.
Anita Nowinka, BSc
Moss and peat as monitors of present and past atmospheric dust deposition in the Athabasca Bituminous Sands Region
Student-at-Law, Carbert Waite LLP
Catherine Laroque (Pocklington), BSc
Effects of subsoil ripping on soil physical properties and soil water dynamics of reconstructed soils
Hazardous Materials Project Manager, Top Quality Inspections & Consulting
Prem Pokharel, MSc
Nursery fertilization and understory competition affect seedling growth in oil sands reclaimed soils in Alberta
Logan Purdy, BSc
Effects of different agricultural and landscape management practices on soil properties and health
Resource Analyst, FORCORP Solutions Inc.
Kayla Rice, BSc
Examining the presence of arsenic and selenium in the lower Athabasca River in Alberta
Federico Riva, PhD
Responses in butterflies to loss and fragmentation of boreal forests from in situ oil sands
Post Doctoral Fellow, Carlton University
Martin Robinson, BSc
Reclaiming phosphogypsum and sequestering carbon with trees and grasses
errestrial Biologist, Golder
Yike Shen, BSc
Influence of salt migration from saline ground water with different capping strategies on root growth and rhizosphere microbial communities
Stanley Thach, BSc
Biodegradation of hydrocarbons in residual organic diluent in oil sands tailings by syntrophic anaerobic bacteria and methanogenic archaea
Sarah Thacker, BSc
Plant community development after mine reclamation
Environmental Scientist/Researcher, InnoTech Alberta
Mihiri Wadu, Post Doctoral Fellow
Micronutrient and phosphorous availability and speciation and tree growth in reconstructed forest soils in the Athabasca oil sands region
Lijing Wang, BSc
Impacts of elevated nitrogen and sulfur depositions on land reclamation in the Athabasca oil sands region
Qi Wang, MSc
Calculating the costs of farmland conservation: case study of Alberta
Data Engineering Senior Analyst, Accenture
Autumn Watkinson, PhD
Restoration of sagebrush grassland to increase greater sage grouse populations in Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan
Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Fellow, UBC
Nilusha Welegedara, PhD
Modelling short and long-term effects of soil cover depth on tree growth and productivity in reclaimed landscapes of northern Alberta
Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Alberta
Venesa Whyte, BSc
Methods to enhance reclamation of northern plant communities following disturbance
Environmental Coordinator, Kinder Morgan Canada
Scott Wilson, MSc
Use of an acoustic location system to understand songbird response to vegetation regeneration on reclaimed well sites in the boreal forest
Biologist, Golder
Yingjie Wu, BSc
Growth performance of nutrient loaded jack pine, white spruce and aspen seedlings on reconstructed soils in the oil sands
Hye In Yang, BSc
Testing efficacy of biochars in removing metal, phosphorous and nitrogen contamination in oil sands process affected waters
Wenqing Zhang, Post Doctoral Fellow
Drought, salinity and mycorrhizal effects on plant water relations in oil sands reclamation
Research Assistant, Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sci - Renewable Resources Dept
Yihan Zhao, MSc
Biomonitoring and assessment of airborne fluoride from fertilizer production
PhD Student, Land Reclamation, University of Alberta