Each academic year, the Land Reclamation International Graduate School provides a diversity of training and professional development opportunities.

Lecture Series
The Land Reclamation International Graduate School Lecture Series invites local, national and international experts in land reclamation to share research, technologies and policy development and to facilitate discussion of different perspectives on land reclamation. Past lecture topics have included: the global imperative of ecosystem reclamation; novel ecosystems; dealing with the legacy of abandonment and reclamation of wells, pipelines and facilities; land reclamation through an aboriginal lens. Visiting scientists on campus and working on research related to land reclamation address LRIGS participants from time to time.

Courses And Field Trips
Short courses from one to three days are offered. Experts from academia, consulting, industry and government have introduced LRIGS program participants to topics such as mine closure, wetland management, soil invertebrates and lichen identification. Participants receive a certificate following successful completion of a course. Field trips include visits to local mines, brownfield developments and urban naturalization sites.

Professional Development
Professional development activities provide program participants the opportunity to expand their knowledge and experiences beyond their academic programs and develop important skills for pursuing careers in academia, consulting, industry and government. Past professional development topics have included intellectual property rights, leadership, research ownership and copyright, helping colleagues in distress, entrepreneurship, networking, research funding and budgets, professionalism, professional dress and dealing with the media.

Networking events provide program participants with the opportunity to engage with fellow land reclamation students, researchers and professionals. Networking events range from coffee and cookie socials to formal events. The lecture series and mentorship program provide networking opportunities.

Program participants are paired with mentors who share their professional knowledge of and experience in land reclamation. Mentors provide insight into land reclamation practices and issues, share experiences and perspectives and provide academic and/or career advice. Past mentorships have resulted in continued contact beyond a participant’s LRIGS program, internships and for some employment following their graduation.

Events Calendar
The LRIGS website is a hub for information on land reclamation events and resources. The events calendar is regularly updated, and program participants are encouraged to notify us of upcoming talks, workshops, conferences or land reclamation articles in the news.
All LRIGS events and courses are provided free of charge for program participants. Non LRIGS participants may participate for a fee if space is available. Events are posted on the LRIGS website and current program members will be notified by email in advance.
Funding opportunities for participation in scientific conferences, workshops, courses and meetings not offered by LRIGS may be available from time to time. Current program members will be notified of funding opportunities by email.